About us

About us

Institute of Economics d.o.o. Banja Luka was founded in 1960, is the oldest scientific research and consulting institution in Republic of Srpska and one of the oldest in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over the past decades, the Institute has made a significant and active contribution in the development and implementation of programs for advancement and well-being, not only for cities and regions, but also for the entire country. Today Economic Institute is a modern research-development and consulting company that, provides financial, business and legal consulting services to clients from the public and private sectors.

Our commitment to the highest standards of quality and integrity it allows us to work with clients on an open basis dialogue and trust.

We achieve our mission by connecting theoretical knowledge and good practices in solving practical problems of our clients in reaching development opportunities and achievable goals. As a member of Grant Thornton network, Economic Institute d.o.o. Banja Luka, in cooperation with colleagues and partners from the network, works on providing service to companies and organizations in the region.


We are a research-development and consulting organization that provides financial, business and legal consulting services connecting clients from the public, private and non-profit sectors theoretical knowledge and good practices in solving practical problems problems and reaching development opportunities and achievable goals.


The Economic Institute aspires to become one of the leading ones research and development and consulting organizations with significant by participating in the market of BiH and the Western Balkans.

Our team

The Economic Institute consists of experts of various profiles, whose past experience, knowledge and abilities guarantee quality service and professionalism, which is one of the fundamental values our organization. We are committed to applying the highest professional standards standards in the provision of professional and advisory services, with a focus to creative solutions to contemporary business challenges. On occasion selecting team members who will provide services to our clients, we pay special attention to extensive knowledge of economic and business environment in which it operates. Consulting teams they are composed of full-time, highly qualified employees experts, from different fields, while if necessary, we also hire external collaborators. Our approach to entrusted tasks is based on national legislation, international standards, business ethics and partnership relationship with clients. Our clients have in us a reliable, loyal and responsible partner.

Leading team members

Aida Bogdan


Jovan Đukić


Aida Bogdan

Aida Bogdan has been working at the Economic Institute since 2011, and since 2016. performs the duties of the director of the Institute, has a master's degree in economics and has many years of experience in leading institutions that deal with economics, especially the development and implementation of policies and strategies local and regional development and management of programs and projects financed from EU funds and by international financial institutions institution.

She has a certificate of authorized internal auditor, certificate evaluator of international programs and projects, development trainer public sector institution in project management and leadership human resources, instructor certificate for regulatory assessment performance. She trained professionally in the field of strategic planning and in nonprofit management from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

At the Institute for National Administration (Instituto Nacional De Administracao, Lisbon, Portugal) trained in the field of growth private sector through the improvement of business regulations. She speaks English.

Jovan Đukić

Over 20 years of experience at the Economic Institute d.o.o. Banja Luka, on which he went through all positions, from researcher, then as an executive director, and since 2016 in the position of manager. He specializes in financial analysis, marketing, strategic planning, research and market analysis and other tasks. He was a coordinator or team member in a large number of projects, feasibility studies, socio-economic study, economic analysis, business plans, marketing plans, valuation, research projects, etc. Certified appraiser with many years of experience in appraisal work values, as well as in the preparation of a large number of reports on transfer prices for clients from different industries. Also, Mr. Đukić has experience in various projects related to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. He participated in numerous conferences, seminars, in the country and abroad.

Vladana Milak

Vladana joined the team of the Economic Institute in May 2002. Her professional development ranged from the position of researcher, to the position of executive director and manager, to which she was appointed in 2016. years. Vladana has significant experience in business and finance consulting, closely cooperating with public and private clients sector. Vladana specializes in due diligence analyses, feasibility studies, business and strategic planning, restructuring, financial modeling, transfer prices. Like the authorized appraiser has many years of experience in projects valuation of capital and assets. She actively speaks English Language.